Ways to Use CBD for Focus , Attentions & Concentration

Ways to Use CBD for Focus , Attentions & Concentration

The most important ability one should possess is the ability to concentrate and focus. Most of the people in this generation do not have the ability to focus. They are easily distracted by thoughts and external noises.

There are many factors that contribute to lack of focus such as chronic conditions, not getting proper sleep, diet etc. Another example is today’s technology which plays a major role in contributing to loss in focusing ability and concentration.

All of the sounds we hear on a regular basis, such as SMS or call alerts, alarms, social media notifications, and so on, serve as external stimuli for distraction.

Factors that affect Focus and Concentration

The most common factor that affects focus and concentration is the stress which is experienced by almost everyone in their day to day lives. Overthinking makes it harder to focus and concentrate on our work or studies.

The stress not only shifts our mind off the tasks but also begins to affect our sleep. Everyone is well aware of the overall negative health impact one has due to lack of sleep which in turn affects the power to focus and concentrate.

Other health problems such as chronic pains, mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD also contributes to difficulty in focusing and concentrating.

There is no therapy that is 100 percent effective for concentration and attention. Every day there are new treatments in this world of experiments and consumerism in the form of drugs or oils or other substances.

On the other hand there is a natural way which can help to relieve stress and improve concentration i.e CBD usage. The point that it comes from a natural source became a popular reason for the people to turn to its usage for focus and concentration.

This article addresses your questions about CBD, such as how it comes from nature, how it is natural, how it helps, whether it is reliable, and so on.  Continue to scroll! You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

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CBD is produced by the cannabis, hemp plant and is one of the cannabinoid. CBD does not get people high as compared to THC which is the main psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects and is non-addictive. The reason for its high popularity is that along with its therapeutic effects it does not get people high or stoned.

CBD is recently in trend for focus and concentration purposes. Its products are out there in the market and have positive remarks. The products such as CBD containing oil, lotions, natural CBD edibles and other stuff are introduced in the market with a positive response. Its use is on rise as people are using it for a variety of purposes. There are some people who are using it for energy and focus but the real question is –Does it really help?

Currently there is very little proof that supports the claim of usage of CBD products in concentration and energy.

In 2014, a study was conducted which showed that CBD promote alertness and wakefulness in some people. There was another study which was promising and suggested that CBD can improve other issues that contributes to lack of energy and ability to concentrate.

Now to understand the effects of CBD products on the body, one should know how it works and affects one’s physical and mental health in general. Basically it varies from person to person. Because everyone’s body is different, as is their response to it, if you want to know how good it would be for you, you can try it out and see for yourself.

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How CBD helps in Focus and Concentration?

The term CBD stands for cannabidiol which is derived from hemp plant. There is a perception with CBD, that it causes a high in humans which is wrong. As per the report from WHO, CBD shows no dependence potential or any abuse and till date there is no proof of health related issues among public with usage of pure CBD.

CBD acts in a positive way for our overall health. It supports our endocannabiniod system, body’s hormonal and immune system functions.

For focus and concentration, CBD acts by encouraging the production of body’s naturally occurring endocannabiniods. It does not bind with its receptor sites directly in the body.

Neurotransmitter levels in the brain are regulated by the endocannabiniod system. The neurotransmitters are the chemicals that allow the functions of the brain cell when they attach to specific receptors on the neurons. All the basic stuff such as breathing, heart rate to pain, mood, appetite and sleep are all regulated by the neurotransmitters. Along with these, they also regulate sensory and motor functions.  They also play an important role in energy, focus, attention, concentration and memory.

If there are any changes or abnormality in their levels, it can lead to problems such as lack of focus and attention, depression, increased anxiety and lack of sleep.  If we go little towards the science then this cannabinoid enables more serotonin to reach the brain, slightly sedating the receptor linked to anxiety, depression, and sleep which can be linked to increased focus and concentration.

In a nutshell, taking CBD for concentration or attention helps our endocannabinoid system in raising and enhancing our attention and focus.

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Other Effects of CBD in Focus and Attention

As discussed earlier your health significantly affects your focus and concentration. These problems can be addressed by the CBD products as they:

  • REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS: CBD also helps in anxiety issues which cause fatigue, difficulty in focusing and concentrating. For instance, anxiety issues may cause one to feel tiredness and loss of focus therefore CBD showed significant relief in these issues. In addition, it also reduces the symptoms of PTSD and social anxiety disorders.
  • IMPROVES SLEEP AND INCREASES ENERGY: Another example is sleep issues. If one is facing struggle and is unable to sleep properly he or she might feel fatigue and loss of focus the next day. CBD helps with such sleep disorders. It helps in getting a good sleep throughout night which helps a person to feel energetic and focused.
  • MANAGES AND RELIEVES PAIN: CBD also acts as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic and helps with pain which can cause struggle with concentration and fatigue.
  • LIFTS THE MOOD: Mental health issues and mood changes can make it difficult for people to focus. Sometimes, the negative feeling overpowers so much that one feels like drowning. CBD aids in improving one’s mood and keeping the negative emotions at bay. When one is in good mental health the mind becomes more clear and focused.
  • ENHANCES MEMORY: CBD has an antioxidant effect which protects the neurons and aids in the regeneration of new brain cells. This will help in improving, enhancing and protecting the memory.
  • BETTERS THE OVERALL HEALTH: CBD helps in maintaining the overall health as well as improves it. As it is rightly said “A healthy body also helps in making a healthy mind”.
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How to use CBD for more energy, focus and for concentration?

CBD usage for calming and focus can aid in focusing better on your tasks. Using the best CBD will help with mental clarity. It comes in many forms such as CBD isolate, oil, paste, edibles as well as capsules.

It depends on individual preference what to choose from the best CBD products for anxiety and focus.

If someone wants a quick action then the CBD oil should be placed under the tongue directly. Some people are vaping or smoking and giving feedback that this way works much better for focussing and concentrating on particular task. Then there are lot of alternatives in which you can welcome CBD in your life like if you are not a pill taker then allow CBD in edible form or in the form of drinks and many more. Consider how incredible it is that in a treatment, you have a choice in terms of what you want to consume.

Once the CBD is absorbed by the cells, it goes directly into the bloodstream giving a faster action. If someone chooses CBD edibles then the CBD may take between half an hour and a couple of hours to show action.

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How much to take?

When it comes to its intake, the dosage is one of the most significant factors to think about. One should always start with a small amount of dose every day. Gradually, if you feel that you need a higher dosage then you may increase it slowly.

It is always better to keep a log of your dosage and symptoms. If there is a doubt regarding CBD dosage, then one should consult their doctor.

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Safety concerns and Side Effects of CBD

The previous studies conducted by researchers showed that CBD is safe to consume. But however there are few side effects that are reported with its usage such as diarrhea, fatigue, appetite changes and weight changes.

Some studies also suggested that when CBD is taken with high fat food it could immediately increase CBD blood concentrations. This drastic change in CBD levels in blood can lead to increased chances of having side effects.

There are few interactions with certain medications reported with CBD. Therefore, if someone is on medications such as blood thinners or grapefruit he should avoid taking CBD without his doctor’s consent. The reason for this is that CBD and grapefruit changes the way of liver metabolism of certain substances.

No matter one’s health status, it is always safe and best to consult a doctor before using CBD.

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Pros and Cons of Using CBD for Focus and Concentration

Studies on CBD are still ongoing and are relatively new. A careful evaluation and interpretation is needed. There are several advantages and disadvantages of this product. Let’s examine the various pros and cons of consumption of CBD.

  • CBD HELPS IN ALLEVIATING HYPERACTIVITY AND IMPULSIVITY: People with this mental disorder suffers from lack of attention, trouble concentrating, staying organized and having memory deficits. As per study in 2013, people receiving CBD therapy showed an improvement in the hyperactivity and impulsivity as compared to those who were not on CBD. They did better in tasks which involved focusing and concentration.
  • IMPROVEMENT IN ANXIETY: Resolving anxiety can help to reduce the stress levels which can further help people to focus and concentrate better with a clear mind.
  • CBD IN TREATING SLEEP ISSUES: There is a disruption in sleep patterns of people suffering with hyperactivity or anxiety issues. CBD helped in regulating the sleep pattern of the patients suffering from mental issues thus providing them with a better sleep. It aided them in waking up refreshed and energetic than before.

  • CBD HAS UNESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING REGULATION: There has been a possibility of uneven composition in CBD products. They may not have 100 percent pure ingredient or the right amount of CBD as the manufacture claims. This can limit the therapeutic effect of CBD.
  • SIDE EFFECTS INVOLVED: The side effects can also vary from person to person. There are seen more in patients who are already suffering from some medical conditions. The side effects may include digestive issues such as upset stomach or nausea, drowsiness, headaches etc. They may occur at taking higher doses than recommended. The side effects can also go away once the person body starts tolerating CBD or gets used to it.
  • UN-RESEARCHED AND LONG TERM EFFECTS: An extensive study is still needed on CBD products to study the long term effects of CBD on body. It is reported that it may affect the hormones in the body which may be a reason of concern for children and teenagers. Therefore, scientist should take this in consideration and make clear about the long term side effects of CBD.

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