How to use CBD for Hair Loss & Hair Growth Treatment | Benefits

How to use CBD for Hair Loss & Hair Growth Treatment | Benefits

People with healthy hair can never know the state of the mind of the person facing hair problems. Hair actually levels up the person’s personality. Some people wants to have their hair long from short length, straight from curly or vice versa but yes, it is true that  having normal hair that may be without dandruff, without hair fall are still dream of many.

There is a lot people ask from search engines or from medical professionals about their hair complications.

The way to fix their issue is by recognizing the root cause of the problem. If you are aware about the cause then you can choose particular treatment related to that which eventually will benefit you more.

Have a look on the causes of hair loss:

Causes of Hair Loss

  1. Due to genetic reasons.
  2. Due to change in hormones.
  3. Because of stress.
  4. Lack of proteins and vitamins in diet.
  5. Due to some diseases like alopecia areata, thyroid, scalp infection, STIs etc.
  6. Due to regular hairstyles by stretching the hair.
  7. Side effects of using some medications and some hairstyling or caring products.
  8. Moreover age can also be the cause of hair fall.

When it comes to treating your hair fall, then range of ways are there for particular cause. Before treatment it is crucial to know the exact cause behind the problem. There is range of treatments, you have to choose accordingly.

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Hair fall treatments include:

  1. Medications including pills, medicated solutions, injections, some topical applications in the form of shampoos or creams etc.
  2. Therapies including platelet-rich plasma therapy, light and laser therapy, hair plant surgery etc.
  3. Enriching your diet with proteins and vitamins.
  4. Acupuncture and some stress managing techniques including yoga, medications or exercises.
  5. General hair care including regular hair wash, using trusted hair products and others.
  6. Some home remedies, massaging scalp with essential oils, olive oil, coconut oil and also use of onion juice helps to promote growth of hair.
  7. Using plant oriented products or herbs like saw palmetto, ginseng and CBD also found helpful in treating hair problems.

These are the treatments which you can choose according to the present cause of your hair loss.

Now, it’s all about CBD giving its application in aiding overall human conditions- whether it be health, skin care or treating hair condition. It is proven to show wide range of applications in mulitple areas.But before looking whole about CBD, it is important to know the science behind our hair growth. What are the basic requirements of hair to grow?

So basically, starting from roots – they are made up of proteins named keratin. There are small tube like structure called follicles where the hair root exists. Rising out from the follicle, the part which came out of the skin is the hair shaft which is visible to everyone. Now, hair got their nutrition from blood vessels of follicles and sebaceous glands aiding natural oil to hair which adds natural shine to your hair.

Growth of hair is not fixed. Several factors determined the growth like how you care for them, environmental conditions in which you are living and genetic background also influence the length of your hair and it is founded that more you keep them tied more they will grow.

There is growth cycle of hair in which growing phase and resting phase is being followed. When you shed a hair, then the growth of new hair begins from the same follicle and cycle is repeated.

If you shed 50- 100 hair per day, and getting new growth after some period then it is normal. There is no need to worry about that. But if you keep on loosing and no growth is seen then the condition is problematic and this is where CBD can help.

Now, before moving on to CBD, it’s better to know what CBD is.

CBD is one of the hemp plant’s constituents. It is increasingly being recognized as a wellness booster with much therapeutic potential worldwide.

You can check our other articles to know about CBD in detail: :What is CBD ? Everything You need to Know About CBD | Benefits & Side Effects

In this article we will discuss all the benefits of CBD for Hair loss treatment and Hair growth.


To make the state of hair healthy, it is important to treat them with adequate source of fatty acids, vitamin C, D and E, zinc, iron and biotin. All of them help in treating hair in one or another way.

It is proven that almost all major causes can be healed with the help of CBD except genetic causes and the side effects of some medications treating specific disease.

CBD is showing more positive effects in healing the body. CBD is giving its effects in treating anxiety, stress related issues, inflammation, chronic or acute pain and other conditions related to ENS. People are using it in several ways. It is trending to add it in your diet to have major from it. Today’s life, you can’t imagine it without several burdens which may lead you to stress and this compound is great source to get yourself relief from stressing much for daily activities  by boosting up your mood and relaxing the mind.

Now, it is about how it deals with your hair related things. Step by step you are going to satisfy your concerns linked to it if you have any.

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CBD is fully loaded with the nutrition required by hair. It contains fatty acids like omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, vitamin E, rich in antioxidants and act as anti-inflammatory agent which eventually benefits your hair in different way.

CBD is having anti-stressing and anti-anxiety properties which will assist your hair loss due to stress and moreover it regulates the hormonal balance which also aids in hormonal type loss giving you your dream hair. The CBD’S antioxidants will help protect it from environmental harm while also repairing the breakage.

If your hair is lacking nutrients, CBD can help you in filling the lack and this leads to make the hair healthy and beautiful naturally. Massaging your scalp with           CBD product can improve cerebral blood supply, allowing nutrients to enter the hair for healthy growth.

When you are living in dry conditions, it affects your scalp which may lead to dandruff or some hair loss and hair dry issues. Study reveals that CBD oil is high in omega fatty acids, which help to keep moisture in the hair and nourish the hair cuticle giving natural shine to your hair by limiting the dryness. It also protects the hair from water loss by keeping it hydrated and nurtured, even in extreme weather. By absorbing nutrients, applying CBD to the scalp also promotes hair growth.

The immune system is regulated by the interaction of cannabinoid receptors on the scalp with CBD. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it relieves skin irritation and patchy flaking of the skin on the scalp which can disrupt hair growth and, in severe cases, lead to premature baldness.

It is also laced with anti-microbial qualities it improves overall scalp conditions and moreover to promote hair development, its cleaning properties remove deposits and particles from the scalp.

You can repair your damaged hair with CBD added in styling products.  It strengthens the roots by giving them the nutrients they need for healthy hair development, such as calcium and iron.

Overall improving hair conditions, using CBD infused products can get you relieve from mild or severe headaches and make you relax too.

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In two ways you can use CBD for your hair i.e. by applying it or by taking it orally.

If you want to use it by applying CBD infused products then you can go for these options:

  • CBD hair oil: it is best if you often ease yourself with scalp massage. You can use it directly. It helps in nourishing your scalp and makes your mind relax and also helps to bring you a good sleep. It also can aid luster to hair it can improve your hair quality.
  • CBD infused shampoo and conditioner: it is an option if you wanna add CBD in your daily hair care routine. You can find product according to your hair type. To nourish your scalp and hair, wash your hair with CBD shampoo and conditioner.  It deals with dandruff and scalp dryness issues.
  • Leave-in products: they give benefits but hair growth benefits are less seen with them but overall they add moisture to hair and making your head light.
  • CBD styling products: there is a lot in market along with several other ingredients these CBD styling products are available. Least side effects are recorded about these products. But before buying, must go through the label, if you are allergen to any of the mention ingredient then don’t go for it, choose something else for you.

If you wanna have additional effects of CBD along with hair treatment then go for oral administration. These only help you in treating the stress related hair issues and some hormonal issues and these are the options for it:

CBD tincture, CBD drops, CBD edibles and inhalation of CBD. All these can help you in managing your stress levels which aids to save your hair from hair fall. When you are going for inhalation then first check your tolerance ability after every puff.

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This is the most asked query about CBD. So let me tell you that products having less than 0.3% THC are legal but are still illegal under some states law. So, please check your area laws and legality of specific products before consuming it.

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For hair there is no fixed dosage actually. Like if you are applying CBD products then that shampoos, gels or another products are infused with several other ingredients and they will be having least side effects. Yes full spectrum CBD products give you more benefits than balanced ratio CBD.

BUT, on the other hand if you are taking orally you have to be selective towards your dosage. Like if you are treating stress related hair problems, then you should take pills or products only when you feel like having them. Moreover, if you are new to CBD then starting from low doses will benefit you and also seek medical prescription that will aid you more by recognizing the root cause of your issue. Doctor will prescribe you the dosage needed you at a time.

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Applying CBD products on hair and scalp does not show any side effect yet. But yes people taking it orally; have shown its side effects like:

  • Dry mouth
  • Change in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • High dosage may give some other side effects too.

Please consult you medical practitioner before its oral administration because it may counter with your current medications.

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For hair problems it is good to use CBD infused products because of its anti- inflammatory, Anti- stress and antioxidants property. Its rising popularity is giving blow to use it.  Yes, on the basis of anecdotal experiences it is seen helpful in treating some hair fall causes and improving scalp conditions which provides you health hair. But yes, it is also true that for hair growth, very little results have seen.

It is a good experimental product aiding you different solutions to many health related issues. People are giving try to it. You can also try and share your personal experience to others. To experience the effects you can note the pre condition of your hair then note post conditions after using CBD products for month. This will let you know whether it is good for you to resume it or not.

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The time takes CBD to function is determined by a number of factors, including the individual’s genetics, weight, and metabolism. Regardless of the dosage, no two people respond to CBD in the same way.

Results of applying CBD products can be seen within one month of regular or recommended use. But they do vary from person to person as someone may living in harsh weather conditions it may will take little more time to work for him. But its effect can be felt with the gentle touch to your hair.

Oral administration depends upon the metabolism of person.  If you have a fast metabolism, CBD will work quickly, but if you have a weak metabolism, it will take longer to feel the effects of CBD.

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  • It is giving visible effects.
  • Anti-stressing, anti-microbial, anti- inflammatory and antioxidant qualities makes it a genuine product to use.
  • Its overall nutritious profile helps in improving hair conditions.
  • Range of product is available to choose from.
  • Natural healing properties.
  • Long lasting effects.
  • Single can aid several conditions like hair fall, dandruff, scalp issues or itching.

  • Only anecdotal evidences are available.
  • There is limited scientific testing on all products.
  • Oral high doses can give side effects.
  • Hardly recommended for long term use.
  • Market of impure products is misleading people.

NOTE: Taking CBD may come into your drug test, if you are going for mix CBD products. Keep it in mind omit it before having a drug test for about 2 week.

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