How to use CBD for Brain Function | Benefits | Side Effects

How to use CBD for Brain Function | Benefits | Side Effects

Globally marijuana is found anywhere, whether you search on social media or on news channel or even in magazine, one can find marijuana everywhere nowadays. With increase in its awareness people are becoming more curious about its properties, its use, how it works and various potential uses of plant. Many of us have not heard what marijuana or CBD is ! And we often confuse it with the weed.

CBD means Cannabidiol which is a chemical present in plant named Cannabis sativa, more popularly known as marijuana or hemp. It belongs to the class of chemical compound called cannabinoids.

It is known widely because of cannabinoids imparting its medicinal, recreational and therapeutic properties. Cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinol are the major ingredients present in cannabinoids of cannabis plant.

And it is the tetrahydrocannabinol which makes you feel on top of the world when you take it in form of smoke or in marijuana. But other species of cannabis are not same because of their chemical compositions, they contain other cannabinoids which have specific functions.

Hemp, one of the species of cannabis contains cannabinoids which makes it a therapeutic plant. And it does not get you high when consumed. Many scientific researches prove that it is capable to reduce the tetrahydrocannabinol psychoactive effects.

People often get confused and have little misconception due to lack of knowledge, when they hear the marijuana they think that it gets you high but in real side it’s the THC which gets you high and not the CBD which does not give euphoric feelings when taken.

Terpenes are the compounds which are responsible for the unique taste of marijuana but they are naturally grown in plants and not artificially added.

Cannabinoids have certain benefits such as it is a non-toxic cannabinoid plant, manages homeostasis in the central nervous system, provides stability and also balances the body.

How CBD works?

When CBD oil is taken, it produces certain effects inside our body by functioning and interacting with receptors of cannabinoids which is the part of the endocannabinoid system.

Our bodies produce two different types of receptors: CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CB1 receptors are abundantly present in our bodies but mostly they are found in the brain. They help in various functions such as control of mood, emotions, behaviour, coordinating muscles, appetite, memories and various other activities.

CB2 receptors are commonly found in the immune system of our body. They have a role in inflammation and sensory pain.

CBD vitalizes the receptors in a way that the body itself starts producing its very own cannabinoids which is commonly known as endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are famous for maintaining the internal environment of our body. Therefore, it helps in adapting to the outer environment and helps in controlling any change occurring inside the body.

From its name we can conclude that endocannabinoids are made inside of our body but in the case of Phytocannabinoids are formed in plants, such as CBD, fulfilling your body’s needs and helping in its boosting.

All these compounds are found immensely throughout the human body such as the digestive system, immune system, reproductive system and nervous system.

When cannabinoids are broken down by enzymes, that’s the time when endocannabinoids will search for these receptors. Many scientists believe that CBD won’t attach itself directly to the receptors but alter its functions in one or the other way by influencing them. It can also influence the receptors belonging to the non-cannabinoids category.

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How Cannabis effect on Brain?

Use of marijuana actually depends on the mode of action of marijuana on the brain. The main component of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and its use is being abused by many dealers. Another main component is cannabidiol (CBD) but it does not have psychoactive effect but it surely has effect on brain circuits.

Cannabis plant extract known as cannabinoids binds to specific receptors known as cannabinoids receptors in brain tissue. These receptors also called CB1 and CB2 present on the cells. So, these receptors affect the functions of the same cells they are present on. And these receptors are mainly present in the hippocampus and cerebellum of the brain. After consumption it has certain effects such as rapid heart rate, euphoria, decrease in pain stimulus and in heavy doses it can cause hallucinations also.

But effects of cannabidiol are different on the brain when compared to THC. CBD prevents the brain from hallucinations or altered emotions, and has effects which are controllable. Many pharmaceutical companies use CBD due to its anti- psychotic effect. Many researches have been done in this field, thus proving CBD is tolerable, effective and safe for antipsychotic effects.

CBD works on serotonin receptors in the brain and helps in treating disorders like anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress and neuropathic pain.

CBD is ideal in its functions because of its non-psychoactive properties making it suitable in therapeutic use.

Therefore, the cause of cannabinoid effect on the brain is not known till date, however it implies that CBD avert the foundering of chemicals which are present in the brain and thereby affecting the mood, mental state or pain. In this way it helps to reduce the psychotic effects which are linked to disease known as schizophrenia. It also helps in reducing anxiety and pain.

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Research in the field of CBD for Brain

In a research article named Review of the Neurological benefits of Phyto cannabinoids, it has been shown that CBD has anxiolytic, antidepressant, neuroprotective anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. CBD is known to reduce the production of inflammatory cytokines which helps in preserving the circulation of brain in case of ischemic situations and decreases neuroinflammation.

In 2018 research article namely, Review in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Journal showed that treatment for diseases with CBD can provide mental health and other coherent functions.

In one of the journals in 2015 named Journal of Alzheimer’s diseases said that the mixture of tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC and Cannabinoid also called CBD, have significantly reduced impairment of learning in tests done on animals. It also says that CBD reduces glial cells of hypertrophy and inflammation in the brain. Therefore, that results in memory preservation in those animals. And other researches have also proved that CBD has the capability to improve your memory and various other performances.

Another review article of 2017 namely Current Psychiatry Reports group together and then summarizes the CBD effects and its various uses in treating insomnia disorder. It is responsible for REM sleep manner and sleeping during a day.

In Journal of Psychopharmacology 2020, it has been said that CBD oil influences the blood flow which is involved in processing of memories. They were focused to see the results in different regions of the brain which are involved in memory processing, particularly the hippocampus.

In many other researches, it has been proved that CBD has a different impact on men and women differently. In the case of women, anxiety issues are more prevalent as compared to men. Common medicine recommended for anxiety is benzodiazepines which are more prescribed to women than men.

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Side Effects of Using CBD

So, are there any side effects?

INDEED YES! Through so much research it is proved that CBD is safe and tolerable but still it may cause some of the side effects in people. Side effects such as diarrhoea, fatigue and weight and appetite change can occur.

CBD can also react with certain medications if you take it along with CBD oil. So, it is advisable to always consult with doctor before you take it. Never take medication having grape fruit salt along with CBD because both CBD and grapefruit reacts with cytochromes P450 which is important in the field of drug metabolism.

In a research experimented on mice, results showed that the extracts of CBD cannabis have the capacity to cause liver toxicity.

Person with Parkinson disease when takes high dose of cannabinoids (CBD) may result in movement of muscles and worse case of tremors is observable.

Common side effects of CBD include symptoms like vomiting, irritability, nausea, lethargic, low blood pressure, dry mouth, constant headaches or light headedness, drowsiness and fatigue. And other side effects may vary from person to person.

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Benefits of Using CBD for Brain

CBD is most widely used to get relief from pain and or other types of symptoms without the use of marijuana or other drugs.

In order to make CBD oil, CBD is extracted from plant cannabis and then diluted in other oil known as carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil.

CBD oil is gaining popularity these days in the health and medical sector, with immense scientific research confirming that it has capability to provide relief from chronic pain or anxiety.

Let’s discuss some benefits of CBD oil that are proved by science.

  1. Pain relief

As we know, marijuana has been used since ancient times, to provide relief from pain. In the recent study it is proved that some components of marijuana also include CBD, are meant for pain relief.

Endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system found in the human body, is responsible for providing sleep, pain, appetite and immune system response. Body itself produces a neurotransmitter called endocannabinoids which binds to the receptor of cannabinoids in nervous system.

In studies it is shown that CBD helps in providing relief from chronic pain, by affecting endocannabinoids receptors function. Combination of THC and CBD is approved and immensely used to treat diseases such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

  1. Reduction in depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the most common health disorders especially in these pandemic times which are increasing among people at a rapid rate. These two disorders are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs also having side effects like agitation, insomnia, dysfunction of the reproductive system and severe headache.

Consuming CBD oil is a part of a natural medication process and has shown positive results in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

CBD oil is also used in case of children having insomnia and anxiety disorders or also in severe cases of post-traumatic stress disorders.

In other scientific research, CBD oil has also shown the effects of antidepressants when experimented on animals. All these behaviours of CBD oil are directly linked to its effect on brain receptors for serotonin, which controls mood swings and social life.

  1. Reduces cancer related symptoms

In many researches, it is shown that CBD have capability to reduce cancer related symptoms also the side effects of cancer treatment such as severe pain, nausea and other discomfort.

Often having chemotherapy treatment leads to vomiting and nausea, common side effects, though they can be relieved by using certain medications, but these medicines can be sometimes ineffective leading to opt for alternatives.

In one of the research experiments, a combination of CBD and THC was administered orally to sixteen cancer suffering patients, it reduces the chemotherapy side effects like nausea and vomiting.

Many other researches related to animal and test tube studies are often studied which have shown anti-cancerous property of CBD.

  1. Benefit in heart health

Many recent advanced studies have shown the link between CBD with heart and circulatory system. And also have the capability to lower the blood pressure.

When blood pressure rises, it has adverse effects on heart’s health, which often leads to heart attack, stroke or other related issues.

It is for obvious, when the anxiety, stress and depression diseases are cured it automatically lowers the blood pressure which in turn maintains good condition of heart.

Other studies have depicted that CBD may help to reduce the effects of inflammation and death of cells which are directly linked to heart abnormalities.

  1. Neuroprotective properties

CBD has specific functions on the endocannabinoid system and signalling system of the brain which are linked to neurological disorders such as sclerosis and epilepsy. In one of the researches, it has been found that CBD oil can reduce symptoms of seizure in case of children suffering from dravet syndrome.

And research in this area is still ongoing and several studies have shown positive results.

  1. Reduces acne

Most problematic skin disorder is acne which have affected half of the population around the globe. It can be either inherited genetically, bacteria or by overproduction of sebum.

CBD oil have anti-inflammatory effects due to which it can treat acne and lowers the sebum secretion.

Dose of CBD for Different Brain Diseases

CBD is taken directly from cannabis plants, when considering CBD to use as medicine so you must know the correct amount of dose in order to treat the different diseases. Different brain diseases have different dose range such as:

If one is diagnosed with brain tumours, CBD oil can be used in such cases, as CBD has anti-cancerous properties and it is safe for both adults as well as for children, and can enjoy pain relief methods without any intoxication procedure.

Dose of CBD in case of tumours depends from person to person and stage of tumour. It is usually started with a low range of dose and then with time dose is increased. In some clinical trials, dose from 100-300mg or up-to 1500mg twice a day is considered safe to use.

If a person is diagnosed with anxiety disorder, one should first consult your doctor who can guide you with the right amount of dose to take. In one of the research studies, some male members were given CBD oil before speaking test and found that when 300mg oral dose was given one hour before test was enough to reduce their anxiety. So always consult your physician before taking it.

In the case of epilepsy, cannabidiol products are widely used. The prescribed dose for Dravet and Lennox syndrome is 5 mg/kg in a day. And after taking it for a week the dose can increase from 5 mg/kg to 10 mg/kg a day. But after increasing the dose if a person doesn’t have any effect then the maximum amount prescribed is 20 mg/kg a day which can be taken.

Then in case of tuberous sclerosis, the starting dose range is 2.5 mg/kg twice a day and increased after a week of intake to 12.5 mg/kg twice daily if required.

Consumption of CBD oil in case of pregnancy and breast feeding is totally UNSAFE! The reason is that the CBD is contaminated with other types of ingredients which can prove to be fatal for foetus or newly born.

Patients with chronic liver diseases are always advised to have a low range of Cannabidiol doses, in higher doses it can be fatal for them.

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CONS of Using CBD 

While CBD oil have large amount of advantages but with some overdose or taking it with other salts can lead to certain problems.

Due to legality, CBD is always available in those countries where marijuana is legal. Therefore, it is not easily available when required.

Another disadvantage is that any CBD related product is not approved by FDA for treatment of disorder such as depression and anxiety and the only product of CBD that is approved by FDA is the treatment for epilepsy.

Because of shortage in regulation of CBD oil, one in five CBD oil products contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that means when you take it you will get high. THC works by increasing your anxiety disorder instead of reducing it.

Though there are number of advantages in providing relief from many disorders but it has quite few side effects, such as insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, abdominal discomfort and lethargic symptoms.

People with liver diseases are often advised to have small doses of CBD oil when needed because many studies shows that CBD oil increases liver enzymes which can leads to liver damage if taken in high doses.

There are also some restrictions with CBD oil, as you should never take CBD oil with other medication having grapefruit salt because both reacts with P450 cytochromes which is essential in drug metabolism.

If all of the symptoms mentioned above in this guide when not taken care of, can often lead to discomfort which will eventually affect your health in some other way. So always have prescription by your physician before using CBD oil.

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